Club Tournaments

Annual Knock-outs

We run two knock-out Tournaments, Open and up to 1600 grades.

John Richards Cup – Open

The John Richards Cup is open to all club members regardless of grade. Current Tournament Here

Martin Sheridan Shield

The Martin Sheridan Shield is open to members with any grade up to 1600. Current Tournament Here

Christmas Blitz Handicap

Normally organised in the run-up to the Christmas break on a “Swiss” 5 round format players are sorted into three levels of handicap with the better players being given less time than the lower graded. It might be the handicap or the refreshments provided that lead to some “interesting” outcomes and a few stories to tell the family over festive period.


We play either Blitz tournaments of 90 Mins at 5 each mins plus 3 Seconds a Move or Rapid tournaments of 120 minutes at 10 mins each plus 3 seconds a move most Saturday evenings on Lichess – Open to existing and prospective members See here for details